Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Update: July 13

There really isn't a ton to update this week.
I haven't received my editorial letter on "Of Course I Try" yet. It's a short, so there shouldn't be any problem getting the edits done on vacation, but I'd really love to get them before we leave since my net access might be dicey while we're gone. *bites nails*

My new business cards and bookmarks arrived yesterday. I need to get the bookmarks cut, but I'm really excited to have both cards and swag :)

The sale of Badlands should be 100% official before we leave, which will be nice.

Since my other writing is giving me fits, I'm debating working on another short while I'm gone. Or the new novella. Or busting my butt and getting the other piece done so I can let it stew for revisions.

All in all, things are moving along. Looking forward to announcing all of this to the family while we're visiting :)

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