Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Teases: Inspirations from a Girls' Weekend

A couple apologies are necessary up front. First, I was away for the weekend, and Saturday's post just didn't happen. Please forgive my absence. Second, my planned interview for this week had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, so I hope you'll bear with me for something a little different.

Last weekend I had a getaway with two my girlfriends, and when the three of us got together, more silly things came out of our mouths than we could keep track of. So on Saturday night, when I was pondering a replacement post for the interview, I decided to write down random things that were said while we were drinking ourselves silly. Hope you enjoy ;-)

"Her ancestors are from Germany and French."

(in the span of 10 seconds) "I'm really good at that. Oh hey, I'm zoning out." *blank look* "Whew. Okay I'm back."

"It's hard to hold my angry face when you keep making me giggle."

"I forgive you." <--> "You forgive me?" <--> "I mean I hope you forgive me."

"I'm really loud today." <--> "You're often loud." <--> "I am? Why didn't you tell me" <--> "I thought you knew"

"Fuck me gently with a rubber hose."

"Sometimes I like to be abused."

"I always have to bring a vibrator with me."

"I don't like feeling like I'm taking a shit backwards. It's not pleasurable for me at all."

"My boobs are juicing for you."

"It is very hard to drink. Especially when you're drinking."

"Manitobian is different from Ontarian."

"Yer gonna be goin' to dat Hell place, eh."

"She found the wet spot."

"I'm going to have to have a frank conversation with him about oral etiquette."

"I'm double-clicking my own mouse."

"I'm so upset, but I feel good about it."

"You can't show that to just anyone. You can only show your real friends."

"I like feeling this way. It's a light airy feeling."

"I just don't like popsicles shoved up my cunt."

"If you're going to lick a crack, do the front one."

"Your ass is fine, honey, we love your ass."

"HWARGK!" (I know this won't make sense to people, but the girls said I had to include it.)

So, what could this possibly have to do with writing, you ask? I'm seriously contemplating a scene wherein the heroine gets totally blitzed with her girlfriends and starts spouting things like this because apparently (at least if you're my friend) this is real life :P

Hope you all had as much fun over the last weekend as I did. Now I just have to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging/writing.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Toronto Maple Leafs

Unless something went wrong, I should be arriving in Toronto about the time this posts, and I thought what better way to celebrate this Thirsty Thursday than with a Toronto-inspired drink

Toronto Maple Leafs

1/2 oz Blue curacao

1/2 oz Bailey's Irish cream

Layer in a shot glass and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Teases: Leanne Dyck/Grace Meadows

Hi and welcome to Romance and Ramblings. Can you tell my readers a little about yourself? Actually, why don't you tell us a little about both of your "selves" ;-)

Thank, Seleste, it's a pleasure to be here.

Oh, yes, me and I. : )

The mainstream me, Leanne Dyck, has been writing since I was able to hold a pen.

I've always loved stories -- oral, written, whatever. When I learned that I could write my own I was in heaven. I began writing seriously in 2009 when I self-published a cozy mystery set on my island home -- Maynely A Mystery. Before 2009, my work had appeared in newspapers, craft magazines and anthologies as well as self-publishing an audio book and a learn-to-knit pattern book.

The erotic me, Grace Meadows, began writing about a year ago. She only writes erotica and would never even consider self-publishing.


What can you tell us about Untouched Places?

For a novella, Untouched Places holds a lot of story. The narrator, Ruth Arnison is love-worn but has an undieing belief in romance. Passion leads her to abandon her life in Canada for a new life in Iceland. Unfortunately, things don't go well there and she must leave. Back home in Canada, she is forced to take a job she doesn't want. At work, she meets a group of women who demand she tell them a story. The story she tells them throbs with passion and greed.


You put up a free read at Decadent called "Animal." What made you decide to do that?

After submitting "Animal", I received very positive feedback but was told it was too short. The idea of offering it as a free read was proposed and I jumped at this unique promotional opportunity.


With how hot your books are, do you picture the sex scenes in your imagination as you write and, if so, do the hero and heroine have faces or do you keep them intentionally blank?

I do visualize the sex scenes as I write. First, I see the actions clearly in my imagination. Later, I see details regarding hair and facial features.

Both those stories are erotica but, like me, you write YA and other genres under a second name. What do you have in the works there? (I saw the thriller on your website so feel free to bring that up :) )

Currently, I have three mainstream works in progress. Each are in various stages of completion.

I have signed a contract with Decadent Publishing for my paranormal thriller The Sweater Curse.

As a knitter, I was sick and tired of cute stories about soft edged knitters. I become obsessed with a kick ass knitwear designer and started to write.

I'm also working on a young adult novella. Turning is based on a nine-month journey I took in my late teens. I've made steady progress on this work and its about half finished.

Maynely Hidden is the second book I was inspired to write about my island home. It was to be another cozy mystery but is slowly becoming a sweet romance.

Oh, yes, and if I may, I also have a paranormal erotic story currently receiving TLC by two fine editors.

All My Sisters' projected publication date is the end of August of this year.

Do you have a preferred heat level when you're writing? Is hot and steamy or sweet and soft more fun for you?

No, heat level doesn't inspire me to write -- story does.

Is there a genre you haven't written yet that really appeals to you? What about one that you want to steer clear of (at least for now)?

Where writing is concerned, I really am like a kid in a candy shop -- I want to try it all.



Speed Round

We'll start easy: Twitter or blog?

Easy...um...easy? Both...okay, twitter. No, blogs. Oh, I give up. : )

Chocolate or whipped cream?


Body or face?


Sub, Dom, or Not-in-my-bedroom?

Oh, take me, I'm yours...sub.

Favorite untouched place ;-) ?

I like the way you think. Let's see I could answer this question one of two ways. Mayne Island, BC, Canada and behind my right ear. Thankfully, my man knows both spots.



Is there anything else you'd like to share with my readers?

Thank you so much for reading this interview. If you have more questions, please ask.

Visit Leanne at her web site www.oknitting.com or at her blog www.authorleannedyck.wordpress.com

Visit Grace at her blog www.authorgracemeadows.wordpress.com or on twitter. Her twitter name is lustfulgraces

Thanks for visiting with us, and I hope my readers check out your work!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Special Monday Post: WINNER!

I want to personally thank everyone who took the time to read and comment on the interviews PJ Schnyder and I did with each other. And for those of you who answered our questions, you made me smile.

So late last night, PJ and I got together, gathered up all the comments and mixed them up. Random.org gave us a number and that number gave us a winner. I explain all this just so you know it has nothing to do at all with her sucking up to me by picking one of my favorite men.


Anyway, congratulations Heather! You've won digital copies of both Heart's Sentinel and "Of Course I Try". Please send me the email address where you want the books sent and we'll have them whisked your way via the magic of the internet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Saturday!

Apologies for the delay in getting this up, family stuff on the other side of the state kept me busy until now. There are a couple things going on today.

In publishing news, the first round of edits on Badlands is done. I finished the read-through and will be sending it sent to my editor momentarily. This is the point where I ask everyone to cross their fingers for me that she's happy with what I did.

Second, my friend, Mr. Romance Jamie Ungaro is in this competition for a role on Mad Men. It's a walk-on, but as a model and aspiring actor, it's a foot in the door. There's only a couple weeks left in the first round of voting, but if you could help him out and vote, that would be awesome. You can vote once a day until September 6, when it goes to other judges. Here's the link to vote for him: http://madmencastingcall.amctv.com/browse/detail/LE6QKM , and if you're interested in knowing more about Jamie, there are a couple recent interviews here and here

And finally, the moment some of you have been waiting for. Last night ended the launch party contest. There were a couple last minute entries, and I would like to thank everyone for entering. A special thanks to those of you that bought stories from Decadent (especially mine, since I'm greedy like that). We're a new company, and word of mouth is huge at this point, so if you read a story from a Decadent author and liked it, please spread the word. In fact, Amazon reviews and blog reviews will help us out a lot.

Oh, yeah, you want to know who won. After gathering comments and receipts, I listed all of them in the order they came in, then used random.org to pick our two lucky winners. First winner gets first dibs on the books, second winner gets the other.

The first number pulled belonged to… Jessica Peter! Jess, please toss me an email with your mailing address and your preference of books.

The second number belonged to… Bea! Please send me your mailing address.

Thanks again everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Eroticolada

Since I've been dubbed an erotica author, I've decided to embrace that with all I've got. In celebration, today we have the Eroticolada. Get sexy and come have a drink with me!


2 0z. Midori Melon liquer

1 oz. Coconut Rum

6 oz. Pina Colada mix

Blend with crushed ice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Teases: PJ Schnyder

My dear friend, PJ Schnyder and I decided to do our interviews with each other a little differently than normal. Instead of sending each other questions where we would have all the time in the world to fill out answers (read: answer "correctly"), we decided to do our interviews live in tandem over instant message. We had a great time, and if you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed we gave each other a little bit of grief. It's all in good fun though. PJ's novel, HEART'S SENTINEL was released from Decadent Publishing on August 6, here's a little about the story.

Born human, Mackenzie never wanted to be a shapeshifter. After a shifter stalks and brutally Changes her, she runs to the jaguars of River Gap pride for protection from the stalker still searching for her, to come to terms with the attack and learn to control her new, powerful cougar body.

Adam, a River Gap Sentinel, is assigned as her guard and mentor. Well aware of his strength and how new she is the shapeshifter world, he holds himself back from the flames of primal desire she ignites. But, to survive the stalker, they both need to first battle their pasts and learn what it truly means to be the sentinels of each other’s hearts.

Sounds good, doesn't it? And now, onto PJ herself!

Hi, PJ, and welcome to Ramblings and Romance. I know, I know, you've been here before, but that was always as a guest. This time, you're the vict... I mean, star of the show. Yeah, that's it. So what can you tell us about your path to publication with HEART'S SENTINEL? Was this written specifically for Decadent?

*blink* Yah. Don't think I didn't catch the "victim" part of it. >_> Heart's Sentinel was written last year and a submitted to one of the Miss Snark's First Victim Secret Agent Contests. It took first runner up. While the Secret Agent ultimately declined Heart's Sentinel, she provided valuable feedback. I took the manuscript through another revision round, finding great beta readers along the way *wink* (She means me, because we're just tight like that.) When Decadent Publishing opened for submissions, I sent Heart's Sentinel.  Lisa Omstead responded with a request for the full almost immediately.  I was ecstatic when I was offered a contract.


HEART'S SENTINEL is just the first in your TERRA'S GUARDIANS series. What do you have planned for the human and shifter inhabitants of your world?

The world of Terra's Guardians is post-apocolyptic. Humans and shapeshifters come from a common ancestry prior to the Cataclysmis Wars. They are mutually threatened by mysterious hunters. Each new addition to the Terra's Guardians series will feature a new couple, a new romance. But the threat of the hunters will continue and readers will learn more about the hunters as the stories continue. (Psst... you could add some stuff about Red's Wolf here) The next story in the Terra's Guardians series is Red's Wolf, set to release August 30th with Decadent Publishing. It's a novella with a fairy tale flavor to it and I hope readers will enjoy.


I know you requested Mr. Romance 2009, Charles Paz, to be on the cover of RED'S WOLF since he looked like Jason, the love interest. Can you tell me what went through your head when you saw he was also on the cover for HEART'S SENTINEL? (Side note: I love asking questions to which I already know the answer. Makes hearing what someone says when it's public all the more interesting :P)

It's true. I confess. The hero of Red's Wolf did look like Charles so when Decadent picked up the novella, I added a little note in the book cover questionnaire requesting him. He's an unsigned, free agent but he was coordinating with Decadent during the kick off and I thought it would be great. Heart's Sentinel had been entered as part of Decadent's submission contest and was awaiting the outcome, so I saw the cover art for Red's Wolf first. I had a *squee* moment when I found Charles on the cover of Red's Wolf. Then the cover art for Heart's Sentinel was sent to me and I had an OMG moment. Yup. I'd won the submission contest for the novel category, including the generous prizes associated. There was a tiny panic moment as I realized I'd need to tweak Adam just a bit to stay consistent with the cover. Overall, I'm delighted with both my covers and I'm told by other authors they've done the same in the past.

You and I had the pleasure to meet Charles at the Romantic Times convention this year. Then, through his own involvement with them, he went and introduced the two of us to Decadent Publishing. Basically, he was fairly instrumental in us signing with them and he's been a topic of discussion between us more than once. Right now, I want the first three words that come to mind when you think of your cover model.

OMG. In fact, Charles was sweet enough to call into my online interview with Franny's BlogTalkRadio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/frannyarmstrong/2010/07/28/welcome-to-frannys-write-talk-tuesdays-at-9pm) and if you were in the chat room you could see people in the chat room all typing: It's Charles. Then all you saw me type was : OMG

So those are your three words? Oh my God?

Hey, you asked what 3 words came to mind FIRST

Haha fair enough. We'll go back to something writing-related. What are you working on right now? Is it part of the same series or something different entirely?

It's a good thing I'm a multi-tasker because I'm working on several WIPs. I've got a steampunk novella in the works for the holidays as well as the next full novel in the Terra's Guardians series. I've also got a completely new novella out for beta read *stares*. (hey, I told you I would as soon as I had time to breathe)

We've mentioned, and then laughed about, the idea of co-authoring something. But, if you could work with any author on a project, who would it be and why?

Honestly, I love you lots, but the first person on my list would be my little sister. (Um, duh, hence us laughing about the idea of writing together!) The two of us are very different, and yet, the meeting of our minds is a very quirky interaction.  She already helps me round up plot bunnies, but just imagine what an actual manuscript would be like if we co-authored? I write romance, she reads yaoi and a step beyond that, she reads some pretty shocking fan fiction.  I'm thinking the heat level of the book would shoot past my current stories and right into steaming hot. There's no telling where things would go: M/F, F/F, M/M...all of the above? On the other hand, if we did write together, neither of us would ever be able to look our parents in the eye again. And yet, our Uncle Gary would probably find it hysterical.


Boxers or briefs?

Boxer briefs (nice copout) they look best under clothes and are ever so gropable

Great abs or great ass?

I can't have both? LOL. Abs.

Dimples or no dimples? (Smiles, people, just because it comes after the ass question doesn't mean you should leave your mind in the gutter.)

*blink* don't think I've minded one way or the other. Not a bonus point, boys, but not a hit either.

Sex or conversation? (Yes, you may return to the gutter now.)

A little encouragement During sex is hot. (Yet another copout. You disappoint me.)

Muscles or Brains?

Damn. Gotta have both. Sorry, I can't settle for too much of one with a lack of the other. (Dude, seriously? That's four out of five. We need to work on your decisiveness.)

Okay my copout answer friend, anything else you'd like to share with my readers?

Not copout, just truth. I'm picky/greedy that way. Heart's Sentinel is currently available with Decadent Publishing and look for Red's Wolf later in the month.

Awesome. Thanks, PJ, just be aware that the next interview will be held at gunpoint and you will have to choose :P

You can also find PJ online at www.pjschnyder.com


As a special surprise, PJ and I have teamed up and are going to give one lucky commenter (from all those who comment on either or both blogs) a copy of BOTH our stories. You'll receive one entry for answering PJ's question here, and one for answering my question at PJ's blog. Entries close on Sunday, August 22, then we'll pool all the responses, choose a winner to announce on Tuesday.

What PJ wants to know to enter you in the contest is this: "Which of my WIPs you'd like to see first: steampunk holiday story, the next story in the Terra's Guardians series or the completely different sci-fi romance?"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Haz Editor Letter!

Sorry this is so late. Today's post was supposed to be an interview for a friend, but that didn't happen. Maybe later this week.

On a high note, I got my editorial letter for Badlands today. I've been waiting for this on pins and needles. Over the last several weeks, I started compiling a list of things my editor might ask me to add/change. I laughed when I opened the email because almost everything she mentioned (one exception) was on my list.

Of course, so were a lot of other things. Fortunately, the ones she picked didn't make me cringe, at least not too badly. Some of them are more labor intensive than others, but I'm excited about the ways they'll improve the story. I ran through the easiest issues today, and really all that's left are the big ones. Sure, they are the most work, but they're also the ones that will have the most impact on the final product.

Overall, what I'm taking away from this letter is that it's fabulous when your editor shares your vision for the story, when they really get what you were going for and love it as much as you do.

Then again, check with me in about a week and make sure I'm not pulling out my hair by the roots. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Sangria

My friend Laura sent me this earlier in the week and it sound yummy :)

Laura's Sangria

1-2 bottles of red wine

Dice apples, pineapples, and strawberries and mix into the wine

Let it sit for 24 - 48 hours

Serve chilled

Laura did note that you can also use peaches and add peach schnapps, but the above is her preferred method.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Teases: Robert Roman

When I decided to start doing interviews as one of the Tuesday Teases options, I didn't really know who I would be my first vict… er, guest. The stars aligned and I am really happy to introduce you to fellow Decadent Publishing author, Robert Roman. Since we first talked about doing the interview, I've had the opportunity to chat with him casually a little bit. Let me assure you, if his book is half as funny as he is, it's a must read.  Here's a little bit about his novella, Fae Eye for the Golem Guy, taken from the Decadent website:

Micah Slate has lived centuries, his lonely existence dedicated to the protection of art. Then he meets Ophilia Morgan, a young artist who has transformed herself into a living work of art. Micah thinks she'll never give him a second glance, but she has dark secrets of her own. When a greedy socialite uses Micah's museum as the setting for fraud and destruction, he and Ophilia will be thrown together in a night of mayhem.


And without further ado, I give you the comedy stylings of Robert Roman (Just kidding ... sort of...)

I love the title. Give me some insight into how you go about selecting a title.

First, THANKS!  Second, it varies for each story, but a big part of it is my love of wordplay.  Beyond that, the title often comes sometime near where I find the 'hook' for the story.  In the case of Fae Eye for the Golem Guy, I was brainstorming with Dana Marie Bell (Author of The Wallflower and many, many, many other stories, Prolific and Talented, she is) about 'makeover' shows, and our favorite name for a makeover show was 'Queer Eye...', and things went from there.  In the case of Road Mage (due out from Decadent August 16th) the title came to me in a flash when I wrote the last line of the story.  Between those two extremes of 'Title and Hook at once' and 'Desperately Seeking Title' is the old stand-by, the Shout Out title.  Fae Eye has a little of that, but a better example (if you know my love of messed up media and anime) is my current submitted work, a Steampunk short Novella titled 'The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones - OR - Genesis of an Iron Angel'.  That one also has an alternate title, something I became enamoured of watching Rocky & Bullwinkle.  Finally, when I do sequels, I try to make sure the title of the sequel has something to do with the title of the original.  The relationship isn't always obvious, but that's because I love combining bad puns, obscure references, and a large vocabulary.

When did you first start writing seriously? And what was your road to publication like?

My first real writing was during NaNoWriMo 2005.  I got some bad writing habits there, but it taught me a lot of good working habits, and I needed those.  Now, I've been writing as far back as I can remember, but it was always 'backstory-for-an-RPG-character' or 'bad anime fanfic'.  At any rate, I wrote the first 50 KWords of XLI during NaNo 2005, sent it around to some friends, and the general response was 'write the rest!'  At that point, I finished the novel, ran it through some beta reading and through Baen's Bar, wherein I got my first taste of a random reader complimenting me.  At that point I was hooked.  I put a solid polish on the thing and submitted it.  I got great feedback from the slush reader, and even got some feedback and a personalized response from the Powers That Be at Baen.  At that point things looked great!  And then they...  stalled.  Publishers, Agents, you name it, for about five years I averaged one 'This is great!  I love it!  It's just not right for me right now.' a month.  Wrote more, got better, submitted more, same response.  I got a little frustrated, to tell you the truth.  By this summer, my SOP (based on a conversation with Michael Swanwick) was 'submit it, assume a glowing rejection in a few months, and get back to writing'.  It kept me from getting depressed, y'see.  Then, this summer, just before the end of the school year, quite out of the blue, my li'l sis PJ tells me 'Submit to Decadent before July!'.  So I do a rewrite and submit on the 30th of June.  Lisa at Decadent, with her usual alacrity, fired back a response within the hour that she liked the idea, and before the day was out had made an offer, 'cause she's just super-cool like that.

What made you decide to tackle comedy along with romance? Are you just naturally a funny guy?

When the mood strikes me, yeah.  Just about everything I write has some humor to it, although at times it's rather dark.  I find a lot of things funny, and some of it translates to things I can show other people are funny.  For example, I once had some friends speechless with laughter talking about linoleum.

Funny thing, your story is the second I've known this past year to feature an Ophelia/Ophilia, and it turns out that Myka's middle name on Warehouse 13 is Ophilia (nice coincidence there in both names LOL). Did you plan to be part of helping the name make a comeback?

Actually, the characters were originally Mike and Phil.  No, still a girl, but a punk / goth girl named Phil.  But everyone has a full name, and during one rewrite I replaced almost all the nicknames with full names and... it worked.

How much research about art did you have to do for the story or did you know a lot about art already?

Let's see...  Phil has six tattoos described in the story, if you count the triptych on thighs and back as one.  Of those six, I knew the name and artist on two of them, knew the artist on one more, and knew the work I was looking for on one more.  The other two I had an idea what I wanted and went looking.  I'd love to say I remembered it all from my College Art History class, but a lot of it came from reading the 2Blowhards blog and stuff I linksurfed to from there.  I wish I could do art, but visual art is...  Let's just say it's Not My Medium.

I see on your website that there's a sequel to Fae Eye for the Golem Guy. Do you know if Decadent plans to publish it as well, and if so, when it might be available?

Lisa has asked about it, so I'm sure she'll at least give it a read.  Hopefully she'll like it.  Right now I've completed about 10 KWords and it's next in my writing queue, so given that I've got three weeks of vacation coming up, I should have it out for beta reading by the end of August.  So, assuming no major interruptions, it could be out as early as late October.

Fae Eye has a heat level of 2, which makes sense since it's a comedy, but do you have any plans for hotter stories? You know, maybe coming to join us on the erotic dark side?

That's an interesting question.  The one thing I've been thus far unable to write is graphic erotic scenes.  I've written erotic scenes, and graphic (violent) scenes, but the one time I tried graphic erotic the response was, if I remember correctly, "YOU BASTARD!  I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO ORGASM!  BASTARD!  DIE IN A FIRE!"  What's real bad is that I had an experienced erotic romance author look at it, and her response was along the lines of 'All the components are there, and they're in the right order.  There's nothing wrong with it, except the effect.  By they way, YOU BASTARD!'"

All that said, I do have one novel (Erin's Story) which is an integral part of the series.  Sex is an integral part of the novel.  So there are plans.  I just need to work that skillset a bit.  Or maybe market the novel as the worlds first literary prophylactic.

Is there anything (other than what the company won't publish) that you will never write?

Not long ago, I met my muses.  There are two of them, and they live in my fevered imagination.  They insisted they be writ down.  I literally got to the point where I could not sleep because the story was prodding me in the back of the brain.  Dana said 'write it out!'.  PJ said 'write it out!'.  The results, starring said muses, lurk in a folder on a thumb drive labelled 'So Wrong'.  In less than 2,000 words, said muses wandered through Blasphemy, Incest, Bestiality, and prose so Purple it ought be used by Behr as a dye.  Sort of the literary equivalent of "The Aristocrats".  By the way, the story is a Literary Erotic Romance with a Heat Level of around 2.  NOTE - I do not mean 'Non-Genre story that contains Romance'.  I mean 'A story about literary genres getting it on'.  I sent it to half a dozen friends who thought I couldn't possibly write something so warped it should be classified as a weapon.  The results:  three keyboards nearly ruined by spit-take laughter, two more recipients who didn't get it and were vaguely offended (the two non-fiction-writers, oddly) and one round of suggested edits.  Because The Peej is unflappable.

Given that THAT abomination crawled out of my brain, I can say with great confidence that there is nothing I WON'T write, including stuff that can't be published.  Some of it I'm not submitting; do I LOOK stupid (don't answer that).  But that doesn't mean I won't write it.



****Speed Round****

Hot or cold?


Black, white, or red?


Brunette, blonde, or redhead?


Tits, ass or legs?

Ass.  Or Nose.  But mostly Ass.

In the snow or on the beach?




Is there anything else you want to share with readers?

For any of the readers who are aspiring writers, I will say this - get good beta readers.  They make all the difference.  If it weren't for Dana, PJ, Anne, Dusty, Jon, Rob, and the Ur-Goth, my writing wouldn't be what it is today.

Also, (blatant plug time!) take a few seconds to check out my novella, Fae Eye for the Golem Guy over at Decadent and be on the lookout for Road Mage on the 16th.

Y'know something odd?  I think when Road Mage comes out it will be the first entry in the 'Mainstream' section of Decadent's catalog.  Cool!

That's great! Thanks for stopping by, Robert, and I wish you the best of luck with all your upcoming releases :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Saturday Somewhere

Okay, so maybe it's not quite yet, but it will be soon, so I'm putting up Saturday's post a little early. Really, it's more of a re-direct post. See, this wonderful bloggess, Wicked Little Pixie, needed someone willing to do a guest blog on her site this week, and I volunteered.

Of course, as soon as I did, I wasn't sure what to blog about. I mean, all of you are used to me and my blathering, but I couldn't count on that with her readers. So I did what I always do when things like this happen: panic, write something I'd willingly put up here, panic some more, pray it doesn't totally suck, and send it anyway.

So, I'd really appreciate it if all of you who come here and read  this head over to Writings of a Wicked Book Addict, read my post, and check out her site. She really is awesome :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Sex with the Captain

I do have to admit, every time I look at the name of this drink, I mentally change it to "Sex with Captain Tightpants" but maybe that's just me.


Sex with the Captain

1.5 ounces Captain Morgan (or spiced rum of choice)

1 ounce Amaretto

1 ounce Peach Schnapps

3-4 ounces Cranberry Juice

3-4 ounces Orange Juice

Mix in a glass with ice and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing Tuesday Teases!

Those weekly updates really weren't doing much for me, so I decided to change up what happens on the first blog post of the week, so welcome to Tuesday Teases! This is kind of a catch-all day of fun stuff: author interviews, polls, teasers from my stories, maybe even some man-candy. I really hope you enjoy the change; I'm definitely excited :)

For this week, I'm going to start simple. A lot of you come to the blog directly from Twitter, or Facebook, or other internet links. Hell, there are even a few of you who pop here all on your own without any linkage from me. All of that is made of win and I love you for it, but it means that you probably aren't hitting the main site for content. And that means you all missed the excerpt I posted from "Of Course I Try".

So I'm going to give it to you here!

WARNING: This excerpt is for mature audiences only (or at least those over 18). If your boss reads over your shoulder, it's probably not safe for work.

[caption id="attachment_79" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Max was here just to allow you time to close the window if you're under 18. And because I like to look at him :P"][/caption]




When I came to his house tonight, I'd come to say goodbye. I remember that, even as his hands cup my breasts, squeezing them tenderly and rolling my nipples between his fingers. By the time Max lowers his head and sucks one tightened bud into his mouth, I can't recall why I wanted to leave.

Candles and patchouli incense burn in the room as my body writhes against sage sheets so soft they feel like silk. They aren't, though. I know his silk sheets—they’re black. The low light and spicy scent play on my senses, intoxicating me until the room disappears.

All I know are his hands and mouth on my body. Rough and soft. Dry and wet. Cool and warm.

His lips cover mine, and I give myself to the kiss as he reaches down and tugs off my panties. I'm wearing the lace ones. I'd come to say goodbye wearing the black lace panties he loves. But by the time they're gone, I don't consider why I'd do something like that because Max's mouth has left mine and traced a line down my abdomen.

I know I should fight this, but I can't. I don't want to. I want Max—for as long as he'll have me.

Rough hands cup my ass as he wedges my legs apart with his shoulders. Then despite, or maybe because of, the little moans that betray me, his lips travel lower, trailing kisses down to the inside of my thigh. His breath tickles as he hovers there, reaching out his tongue to trace a shape on my skin. It's a heart. I don't know how I know, but I'm sure.

"Please, Max—" A little voice in my head screams that I should finish the sentence with "stop", but I don't. I can't.

A deep chuckle vibrates against my clitoris, making a shiver run all the way to my toes. Then his magical tongue caresses the already sensitive nub, and I cry out. He sucks it into his mouth just to the line where pain and pleasure meet—treading it but never crossing over.

I'm helpless beneath him, a prisoner to my body's yearnings. My back arches off the relative safety of the bed, and Max takes full advantage. With the ease of years of practice, his hands slide beneath me, pulling me closer to him as his tongue delves into me.

I can't think anymore. I can only feel. The pressure of his hands on my ass. The silky motion of his tongue inside me. The rough grazing of his teeth.

My hands clutch at the soft, green sheets and ball them in my fists as pleasure rips through me. I've never experienced orgasms like this with anyone else. Only Max. Wave after wave of sensation as my muscles contract around his tongue. It's never stopped moving, never stopped drawing me to my peak.

I cry out his name. The only word that matters. Max.

Soon enough, I can't even feel. Then there is nothing.

When I wake in the morning, everything is hazy. I remember coming over, remember the sex. The incredible, mind-altering sex, but then I'm blank. It isn't the first time.

There's a note on the pillow next to me.


I'm glad you came back. You have no idea how much I missed you.

Love forever,


Something clicks in my brain, and I realize it isn't the first time I've read those words either.







Hope you enjoyed it, and if you want to read the whole thing, it's available for purchase at Decadent Publishing in a variety of digital formats.

Up next week, an interview with fellow Decadent author, Robert Roman. Yes, there will be a man on the premises. Get your questions ready! ;-)