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Tuesday Teases: Leanne Dyck/Grace Meadows

Hi and welcome to Romance and Ramblings. Can you tell my readers a little about yourself? Actually, why don't you tell us a little about both of your "selves" ;-)

Thank, Seleste, it's a pleasure to be here.

Oh, yes, me and I. : )

The mainstream me, Leanne Dyck, has been writing since I was able to hold a pen.

I've always loved stories -- oral, written, whatever. When I learned that I could write my own I was in heaven. I began writing seriously in 2009 when I self-published a cozy mystery set on my island home -- Maynely A Mystery. Before 2009, my work had appeared in newspapers, craft magazines and anthologies as well as self-publishing an audio book and a learn-to-knit pattern book.

The erotic me, Grace Meadows, began writing about a year ago. She only writes erotica and would never even consider self-publishing.


What can you tell us about Untouched Places?

For a novella, Untouched Places holds a lot of story. The narrator, Ruth Arnison is love-worn but has an undieing belief in romance. Passion leads her to abandon her life in Canada for a new life in Iceland. Unfortunately, things don't go well there and she must leave. Back home in Canada, she is forced to take a job she doesn't want. At work, she meets a group of women who demand she tell them a story. The story she tells them throbs with passion and greed.


You put up a free read at Decadent called "Animal." What made you decide to do that?

After submitting "Animal", I received very positive feedback but was told it was too short. The idea of offering it as a free read was proposed and I jumped at this unique promotional opportunity.


With how hot your books are, do you picture the sex scenes in your imagination as you write and, if so, do the hero and heroine have faces or do you keep them intentionally blank?

I do visualize the sex scenes as I write. First, I see the actions clearly in my imagination. Later, I see details regarding hair and facial features.

Both those stories are erotica but, like me, you write YA and other genres under a second name. What do you have in the works there? (I saw the thriller on your website so feel free to bring that up :) )

Currently, I have three mainstream works in progress. Each are in various stages of completion.

I have signed a contract with Decadent Publishing for my paranormal thriller The Sweater Curse.

As a knitter, I was sick and tired of cute stories about soft edged knitters. I become obsessed with a kick ass knitwear designer and started to write.

I'm also working on a young adult novella. Turning is based on a nine-month journey I took in my late teens. I've made steady progress on this work and its about half finished.

Maynely Hidden is the second book I was inspired to write about my island home. It was to be another cozy mystery but is slowly becoming a sweet romance.

Oh, yes, and if I may, I also have a paranormal erotic story currently receiving TLC by two fine editors.

All My Sisters' projected publication date is the end of August of this year.

Do you have a preferred heat level when you're writing? Is hot and steamy or sweet and soft more fun for you?

No, heat level doesn't inspire me to write -- story does.

Is there a genre you haven't written yet that really appeals to you? What about one that you want to steer clear of (at least for now)?

Where writing is concerned, I really am like a kid in a candy shop -- I want to try it all.



Speed Round

We'll start easy: Twitter or blog?

Easy...um...easy? Both...okay, twitter. No, blogs. Oh, I give up. : )

Chocolate or whipped cream?


Body or face?


Sub, Dom, or Not-in-my-bedroom?

Oh, take me, I'm yours...sub.

Favorite untouched place ;-) ?

I like the way you think. Let's see I could answer this question one of two ways. Mayne Island, BC, Canada and behind my right ear. Thankfully, my man knows both spots.



Is there anything else you'd like to share with my readers?

Thank you so much for reading this interview. If you have more questions, please ask.

Visit Leanne at her web site www.oknitting.com or at her blog www.authorleannedyck.wordpress.com

Visit Grace at her blog www.authorgracemeadows.wordpress.com or on twitter. Her twitter name is lustfulgraces

Thanks for visiting with us, and I hope my readers check out your work!


  1. Thank you so much for the interview. I had so much fun. : )

  2. Hooray for kick-ass knitters! :D I will keep my eye out for that.
    I have Animal on my Kindle for PC, and it was a wonderful thing to read, even though it's short. I'm glad they offered it.

    Thanks for sharing the interview, Sel! And thanks, Grace, for telling us about yourself and your stories.

  3. Great interview ladies! I love to read about how other writers are doing it out there. Decadent has been good to several of you. Congrats to you both...or all three...or is it all four.....however many of you people there are. ;)

  4. Great interview, Leanne! Congrats on your success.

  5. Congratulations! You ladies bounce off each other nicely. Good luck with the books.



  6. Hi Jax,
    So glad you enjoyed Animal. Thank you for your interest in The Sweater Curse. Just wait until you meet the main character -- Gwen. She'll keep you cheering.

  7. Thanks, Lorraine, nice to hear from an Angel. : )

  8. Thank you, Danielle.
    You think your confused. Just imagine what it's like inside my head. : )

  9. Hi Mark
    I wish you much success with your book as well. Off to visit Thailandstories.com


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