Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Teases: Inspirations from a Girls' Weekend

A couple apologies are necessary up front. First, I was away for the weekend, and Saturday's post just didn't happen. Please forgive my absence. Second, my planned interview for this week had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, so I hope you'll bear with me for something a little different.

Last weekend I had a getaway with two my girlfriends, and when the three of us got together, more silly things came out of our mouths than we could keep track of. So on Saturday night, when I was pondering a replacement post for the interview, I decided to write down random things that were said while we were drinking ourselves silly. Hope you enjoy ;-)

"Her ancestors are from Germany and French."

(in the span of 10 seconds) "I'm really good at that. Oh hey, I'm zoning out." *blank look* "Whew. Okay I'm back."

"It's hard to hold my angry face when you keep making me giggle."

"I forgive you." <--> "You forgive me?" <--> "I mean I hope you forgive me."

"I'm really loud today." <--> "You're often loud." <--> "I am? Why didn't you tell me" <--> "I thought you knew"

"Fuck me gently with a rubber hose."

"Sometimes I like to be abused."

"I always have to bring a vibrator with me."

"I don't like feeling like I'm taking a shit backwards. It's not pleasurable for me at all."

"My boobs are juicing for you."

"It is very hard to drink. Especially when you're drinking."

"Manitobian is different from Ontarian."

"Yer gonna be goin' to dat Hell place, eh."

"She found the wet spot."

"I'm going to have to have a frank conversation with him about oral etiquette."

"I'm double-clicking my own mouse."

"I'm so upset, but I feel good about it."

"You can't show that to just anyone. You can only show your real friends."

"I like feeling this way. It's a light airy feeling."

"I just don't like popsicles shoved up my cunt."

"If you're going to lick a crack, do the front one."

"Your ass is fine, honey, we love your ass."

"HWARGK!" (I know this won't make sense to people, but the girls said I had to include it.)

So, what could this possibly have to do with writing, you ask? I'm seriously contemplating a scene wherein the heroine gets totally blitzed with her girlfriends and starts spouting things like this because apparently (at least if you're my friend) this is real life :P

Hope you all had as much fun over the last weekend as I did. Now I just have to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging/writing.


  1. Apparently the flies on those walls peed themselves!!

  2. Glad to see fun was had by all!!
    My college girlfriends and I never get together without a notebook handy for the crazy crap that we end up saying. I'd love to see a scene in a book about that. It's absolutely real life!

  3. I had a great time. I can only hope everyone else can say the same.

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  5. "My boobs are juicing for you"? There I go, missing the fun stuff. Curses.


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