Monday, March 25, 2013

Love in a... Dirigible?

Less than a week ago, we celebrated the equinox and the beginning of spring. (Granted, here in Michigan it's not feeling all that different from winter, but I'm hopeful that'll change soon.) In most faiths, spring and the holidays associated with it are times of celebrating renewal. It's when the earth starts to come alive again. As Henry Rollins recently saidthis is the time when resolutions should be made. And considering some life upheaval going on, I needed that reminder, especially where love is concerned.

In five weeks I have a new book out--YAY! For those of you who have read Badlands, you know Henrietta Mason didn't exactly finish the story in a good spot. We're talking about a woman who was left questioning everything she ever believed in. Hardly the ideal situation for finding romance. Yet that's the heart of Clockwork Mafia. Like spring, it's about rediscovering oneself in the depths of despair and fear. It's about learning to enjoy the way the wind whips through your hair as you hang on the ratlines of a dirigible...instead of thinking about what a messy end you'd meet if you let go. And for Henri, part of that is about finding and accepting a love she doesn't really think she deserves.

For me, that's what this spring is about--possibilities and taking chances. It's about love, life, and finding happiness in all the strangest of places. It's about learning to fly tied to nothing but the kite string of life.

If you hunt back through my posts to New Year's, you'll see that I'm not a big fan of resolutions--mainly because the way they tend to be stated sets a person up for failure. But, I do so very much like Henry Rollins that I'm going to take up the springtime resolution this year. Want to know how? (Sure you do, otherwise you would have stopped reading when I started rambling a while ago.) I resolve to be at least as brave and open to life as my heroines, to take things as they come and make the most of them, to soak in the love and joy in the air, and to learn to hang without fear from the ratlines of life.

Giveaway time! Okay, this is a little tricksy, because I can't giveaway Clockwork Mafia quite yet. BUT, I do have a lovely print copy of the Fairies Gone Wild anthology sitting next to me (which just conjures up all sorts of naughty thoughts about spring break and making the best kind of bad decisions), so here's what I'm gonna do. The giveaway is open internationally, BUT there are caveats. The print book is US only (sorry, shipping hurts). If you are international (or if you're US and would rather), you can win a digital copy of Clockwork Mafia instead. ...I just won't be able to send that off for a couple weeks (April 22). Hell, if you want, I can send you a different title from my digital backlist instead. (It's spring and I'm easy that way, what can I say?)

Confused yet? Don't be. Just enter the rafflecopter below for a chance at a free book.

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Now, as much as it probably doesn't seem like it from the post, this is a blog hop, people! You're here, but now you need to go to all the other hippity-hoppity blogs in the list below. There will be prizes at each of them, as well as a grand prize from Emma Shortt (who is all kinds of awesome).


  1. Oooo, wonderful hop! :D And fun. Spring does seem to get the juices flowing. ;D

    Thank you!!

  2. I love wearing the spring colors, so colorful and pretty. Thanks.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  3. For some reason the rafflecopter won't show up on my computer any more :( But I would love to win a copy of either books.
    Best of luck

  4. Did you try refreshing? I can see it fine on my end, so I'm not sure what the problem is...

  5. I am so done with winter and so very, very ready for spring now. Among other things, I'm looking forward to not wearing layers. :D

  6. This year it means graduation, so nice weather and new changes in life


  7. nicer weather

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. I live in a tropical country so spring doesn't mean much to me, but I love that it's brought on this competition! Hoping to win a digital copy!

  9. Happy Easter! Spring means less rain and more time outside. YAY!!!
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    (\__ /)


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