Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blues and News

First and foremost (since people have been asking), I'm doing better with the depression. I'm not back to my normal (I use that term loosely) self, but I'm getting there. Thanks for all the *hugs* and happy thoughts and love. Every bit of it helps and is appreciated :)

I am a little melancholy today though. It's the first day of school. The Boy is a fourth grader, which means in two short years he's going to be in middle school. I'm pretty sure that means I'm old, but I'm going to try to ignore that fact and just do my thing. But...Mini-Me started first grade this year (and she got her ears pierced in celebration of becoming a big kid). She's been doing half-days for a while now, but this will be the first time in almost ten years that I've been alone all day every day. I'm not really sure how it's going to go. On the plus side, more time for writing! On the down side...yeah, we're just going to pretend the depression thing doesn't worry me.

In the meantime though, I have news!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I announced that Evernight Publishing had picked up GunShy and the Cupid's Conquests series? First, I have a group of authors hard at work on more stories for the series which has me totally geeked. Second... my editor and I busted through edits, and they bumped up the release date. So scratch November. GunShy is coming...*Drum-roll*... September 16! Yes, it will be available ten days from now. I'm crazy excited and I really hope people love this story.

In other news, authors from Decadent Publishing (including me) will be at The Romance Studio chat room tomorrow night at 9pm eastern time (6pm Pacific... hopefully the rest of you can figure it out from there). Please stop by! I'm pretty sure the people in charge are doing giveaways (*hint* Check out which authors are there and have their websites at the ready to search for answers to questions... at least that's how they did it last time :P)


  1. Congrats on Gun Shy!!!! *high five*

    And if you need another sad mom to talk to you, mine started junior high this year, and you think you feel old. *sigh*

  2. I totally feel you on the kid front...mine is starting jk this week ;-(

    As for Gunshy - congratulations! That's fantastic news! Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Awe sweetie I feel for you, mine started SK today. :( I haz sads for both of us. On the depression front, good friends and lots of walking is the key to working through it. It's hard enough to cope with stress when you're not battling inner demons. xox
    On the pub front; UBER HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful news and I hope you celebrate it! :)

  4. Congrats on the story! That's excellent news. :)

    Don't try to rush getting better, depression is good at hiding if you. I'm glad that you are seeing some progress.

  5. Thanks, ladies :) Kids are doing well (other than the getting up thing LOL). And GunShy comes out in *gulp* four days! *dies*


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