Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Redneck Zombie

Alas it is the last of our Halloween themed drinks. I may still try some sort of Pixie drink after Halloween (once we have actual pixie sticks in the house again), but officially this is the last. I love Mt. Dew (and I feel for you Canadians whose Mt. Dew is so much less caffeinated than ours), so when I found this one I had to try it even though it calls for rum. Plus, the name just rocks

Redneck Zombie

3 oz. Bacardi (it called for Limon, but we don't drink enough rum to buy a special one for this so we used the gold we had on hand)

1 0z. Blue Curacao

4 oz. Mt. Dew

Mix in a highball glass (I did ours over ice)


Hubs: (Pardon my spelling) Blargh! He didn't even want to taste it since it smelled so heavily of rum.

Me: The color was gorgeous as it ended up kind of a teal green. WAY too much rum though; it was pretty disgusting.

After adding more Dew, we still weren't fans as it just tasted medicinal. If you really like rum, you might like this drink, and maybe it would have been better with the flavored rum, but this was a MAJOR thumbs down from us.

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