Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Changes

For those of you who know me or who follow me on social media (or I may have even discussed it here previously), you know I'm not a fan of New Year's Resolutions. To me a resolution says I'm going to do (or not do) __THIS__. Problem with that is, as soon as you slip up, you've failed. I'm not a fan of setting oneself up for failure. So I don't do resolutions, I do goals. 

For instance, I have two writerly goals for 2014:
1) 300,000 new words. (In fairness about 240,000 of those are already contracted or "scheduled", but I wanted to add a little more to push me to write something new too.)
2) All projects in on time or early. This has never actually been a problem for me, but some life-stuff happened that had me pushing deadlines right up until the last hours recently. I'm not a fan, so I want to do my best to keep that from happening anymore. 

That means getting a better handle on life-stuff. Granted, some is completely outside my control, but other parts I'm responsible for. I've just rounded out my first three months post-divorce and come to the conclusion that I need less stress in my life. This means letting go of things that once brought me joy but don't any longer. It also means letting go of people who drain the energy from me. 

And in a very specific instance it means lightening the amount of work-that-feels-like-work. When I first started out, I loved blogging. I got excited about it. And, as I'm sure my regular readers have noticed, I have been doing less and less of it as time went on. The reason is that it no longer brings me joy. I sit down to blog and think of a hundred other things I should be doing. Not to mention the hundred other things I'd rather be doing. This isn't good for me or for you. 

To that end, I'm stepping back from my personal blog. I will still use it to announce blog tours and appearances and to do cover reveals and whatnot, but that's going to about it. Instead, I'm going to focus new content on those blog tour posts and on the group blogs I'm part of (Evil League of Evil Writers, Here Be Magic, and any others to come). Maybe I'll do a monthly update here on where you can find me throughout the month, but I'm not sure yet (mainly because I don't always know.)

I'm going to try to post more frequently to my author page on Facebook (though with the new logarithms, I'm not sure how effective that is anymore), tweet more, pin more, tumblr more (is that a verb?), and give more energy to my street team, The Renegades (also on Facebook, feel free to send a request to join if you're up for helping with book promotions in exchange for my undying love and devotion…and early sneak peeks). 

I'll also keep doing the newsletter when there's news. (I'll be doing one some time this month.) So, if you haven't, be sure to sign up for that. 

In short, thank you for your support, and I hope to chat with you elsewhere online or maybe even in person at a convention. 

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