Monday, November 18, 2013

In Defense of the Clitoris

Sorry for being AWOL. Life and other stuff took over and blogging fell by the wayside, but I'm back to discuss something very near and dear to the hearts of most women.

The clit.

(WARNING: Cussing and pervy sex talk commencing as soon as you click play.)

Okay, fun is over. This is serious business. So last night I was working and typed the word "clit" into my manuscript. (For WTF purposes, what I'm about to tell you just happened again when I typed it in the previous sentence.) Scrivener autocorrected it to "clot." No. I'm not kidding.

Considering what I write, this is a word my computer should have learned by now. I'm a fan of the clit and use it frequently in my work. (Gods, that sounds so dirty. I'm an author, not a prostitute. I swear.) So, one would think it'd either have been auto-added to the dictionary or I would have added it at some point myself. Obviously I did not, which means this is a new thing.

That's right. I would have been correcting "clot" in edits for years now if this had always been a problem. But my heroes have not, in fact, ever massaged the heroines' clots. Mainly because...ewwww.

So I decided to see if this was some weird sex policing thing. Oddly enough, dick, cock, glans, hard-on, jack-off, and many other male-centric words don't have any issues. Now one could argue some of those have other, non-sexual definitions or that glans can refer to male or female genitalia. However, I've never heard it used for a woman. We don't talk about the glans of her clitoris. We just talk about her clit. Also interesting? The word cunt is obviously okay too, because derogatory terms for lady bits are just fine and dandy.

 I don't know. Somehow it just seems strange that this word--perfectly good word, I might add, and one that is more commonly used than its longer, clinical-sounding form--is suddenly an issue. Especially when it is in the dictionary already for the program being used.

Whoever is in charge of the stupid autocorrect of the world, fix this shit. Or should I say caca? Because apparently that doesn't need autocorrect either. My two-year-old nephew will be ecstatic.

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