Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Evernight!

Quick blog post this week. (But there will be another this weekend with a nice surprise in it!)

So, it's Evernight Publishing's second birthday today, and they're giving their readers all sorts of presents! Starting today is the Evernight Scavenger Hunt that starts at SmexyBooks and continues on from there. That runs until Friday, just five days, people.

Then there's the weekend surprise, so make sure you come back to visit.  I lied! This isn't holding out to the weekend (so no extra blog, sorry...). Evernight has taken a best-seller from each of their categories and put them on sale at Amazon for only 99 cents! You can get the full list of sale books here. Or you can just go buy GunShy right now at this link. Happy Birthday indeed!

And next week is the Evernight Birthday Blog Hop. There are a LOT of authors participating and each one is giving away something on their blog, and each entry puts you in for grand prizes including a Kindle among other awesome stuff. So make sure you stop back here and hit all the blogs on the tour so you can enter as many times as possible!

(Once all the birthday goodness has ended, I'll be talking about NaNo prep for a couple weeks and then probably only doing mini-blogs through the month of November. It's not that I don't write like a crazy person all the time, but... it's NaNoWriMo and that ups the crazy factor all on its own :P)

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