Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today started out like any other day...

Scratch that. It's a lie. Most days don't start out with three wake-up calls and exploding at my children because they won't stop fighting. (Thank goodness.) But really, nothing really wonky happened this morning.

Except after calming down and talking to the kids, I decided to clean.

Don't laugh. This is a big deal. I hate cleaning. Like with the burning hate of a thousand suns. So for me to voluntarily get out of the shower and immediately move to "all right, kiddos, let's bust ass on your rooms is a huge thing. For two hours we cleaned and sorted and otherwise got me into "OMG, we have way too much stuff" mode.

Which means today is also donation day. Assuming, of course, I can remember the login for It's Deductible :P

When I finally made it downstairs, it was to find another housekeeping task on my desk. Or, more specifically, in my computer. The contract for Clockwork Mafia has arrived! This is a huge yay! Except for the whole "print and return" part. See, my background in law consists of having dated  a guy during his last year of pre-law and his first year of law school (the second long-distance). Supposedly I have a bit of a natural inclination toward the way of thinking necessary to be a lawyer, but not the patience (or the poker face), but that doesn't help at all when it comes to contract reading.

Fortunately, this one should be just about the same as my last Carina contract. So I'm going to yank out the one from Badlands and lay them side-by-side just to make sure I'm cool with any differences between the two. But I want to get it signed and in the mail today. Otherwise, there's a decent chance I'll be sending it back with an original story by my seven-year-old on the back.

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