Sunday, February 27, 2011

Badlands Release Party!

For those of you who didn't know, Badlands was actually the first story I sold (way back in June :P). At the time publication seemed so incredibly far off, but then it was February and the date just kind of snuck up on me. So here we are on release day, and I hope all of you will rush out to Carina Press and buy a copy this week (assuming you didn't already pre-order).


And considering I'm all over the blogosphere this week with guest spots and such, I'm not going to do a huge post here. Instead, I'm going to ask that you stop by one of the other places I've been in recent days. There's a huge list on my last post, but I'll narrow it down for you...

Feb. 25 - Manic Readers with a guest spot about the inspiration behind Badlands

Feb 27 - Para-Posse for Six Sentence Sunday

***Feb 27 - Katie Reus's blog with a guest spot about danger and secrets***

***Feb 28-Bea's Book Nook for an interview.***

***March 1-Featured at the Carina Press blog talking about strong female characters***

***March 2- Tia Nevitt's blog with a post on how I developed the matriarchal monarchy of the Badlands***

However, before you go chasing me down, you should know that the ***s next to some of those posts are important. In celebration of release day, I'm offering up not one, but two digital copies of Badlands. Here's the twist. You can enter at any of the starred blogs and/or here. If I remember correctly, on the other blogs, you need to tell me about a strong woman in your real life (Double check on the blogs though because I may have done something different on one or two :P)

With that in mind, what I want to talk about very briefly here is inspiration. If you went to Manic Readers, you'll get the low-down on where all the seeds for the story came from, but first and foremost was the piece of artwork that inspired the character of Ever. Without seeing that picture, this story would never have happened.

So to enter contest HERE, I want you to tell me about something specific that has inspired you in some way (this doesn't have to be writing inspiration, it could be just an inspiration to do with life). The key is to be specific--I want to be able to bask in your stories for a few minutes :)


  1. My children inspire me! They inspire me to be a better mom, a better person, a healthier person for them! Cayleigh (my oldest) asked if I was pregnant and I realized I had let myself go so I recently joined a gym. She inspires me to go an work out for her and her sister, so I can be here longer and love them longer!

  2. My 4 year old grandson after hearing his cat died of old age came to me and said, "I'm sorry your almost old Grandpa." Maybe it is time for this "almost old" person to get off his butt and get busy enjoying life to it's fullest.

  3. My personal experiences are what inspire me everyday to be myself. I'm not "old" by any means but have been through my share of trials and every single one has taught me a life lesson. I'd say one of the most important ones was in high school. I did and dressed the way I thought would make me fit in just like every other high schooler but it just ended up blowing up in my face. I was accused of saying and doing things I didn't do and was left all alone. Since then I have always striven every day of my life to be honest with who I am and always tell the truth, to myself and others. Not talk smack. If you wouldn't say whatever your going to say to that persons face...then don't say it. That's how people get hurt. I learned that too many people aren't strong enough to stand out amongst the crowd and just be themselves because they are afraid of rejection and I find that sad. I want to stand out. I want to be remembered for being a good person that others could come to and feel accepted no matter what.

  4. I am inspired by my kindness. When I see someone help someone, it spurns me to do the same. I know a lot of my compassion and empathy comes from growing up with my sister, who has autism. She was mercilessly teased and watching her struggle not only angered me, but forced me to look at others deeper than just a forwarding glance. I grew protective of her, but have seen a lot of kindness shown to her, and it is those acts that inspire me to be better, do more.

  5. I had a roommate once who had gotten pregnant. She was going to give the baby up for adoption, but she needed a birth coach for her labor. I volunteered and she graciously accepted. Experiencing the labor process with her inspired me to change careers to become a labor and delivery nurse. I was an accountant, but I was totally bored with my career. Watching that birth was such a high that I decided that was what I wanted to do instead. It took a few years, but I ended up getting a nursing degree and becoming an L&D nurse as I'd planned.


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