Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Makes a Man Swoonworthy?

You hear a lot of people talking about what makes famous people or fictional characters swoonworthy, but those attributes aren't usually things that translate well to real life. I mean, I know guys with the rock hard abs and huge guns and perfect hair and... I don't think I could ever live with one of them. (Granted, I could be wrong but, as a happily married woman, I don't anticipate finding out any time soon.)

I've been married over fifteen years now, through all the ups and downs and sideways (I know you wanted me to say the ins and outs, but this isn't that kind of post). And the daily grind wears at a relationship after a while and the swooning... yeah, not so much.

I remember when hubs and I were dating. We got into a HUGE fight--like throwing things and running out and screaming fight. It was ugly. When we finally calmed down enough to talk and I apologized I said, "I know I'm a hard person to live with." His response, in typical male fashion, started with "Yes," but continued with, "but you'd be a harder person to live without." It was, to this day the sweetest, most romantic, most swoon-worthy thing he's ever said to me. Sure, he did other things throughout the years, but that moment is the one that plays over and over in my mind.

And it happened before we were married. So, in fifteen plus years, he hasn't topped it. He's tried, but I think the reason those times failed and came across like cargoship filled with aged cheddar is that he was trying. Swooning happens in real life for the moments that just are, and as you go along in married life they tend to get buried in other things. We forget that we're supposed to swoon.

But then, the day comes when we get reminded.

My hubs has been sicker than sick for a couple weeks now. He spent the second half of last week home from work because he was too miserable to even think about going. And Friday night was the Father-Daughter dance that Mini-Me (6 1/2 years old) had been looking forward to since the new year. Thursday night I told her that if Daddy couldn't go, I'd take her. She wasn't happy about it, but she understood because he'd been so sick. Friday came, and I mentioned it to hubs. He told me that he'd go if at all possible "because it's important to her, and that means it's important to me."

Yeah. Total swoonage. That is my husband, reminding me all over again why I love him and why no guy with washboard abs or a Colgate smile is going to ever tear me away from him. They'd be too busy working out or flossing to make sure Mini-Me had her night.

I love you, Honey. Always.

<3 Happy Valentine's Day <3

Happy Valentine's to you too, dear readers. If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear what your significant other has done to make you swoon.

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  1. Beautifully written, Sel. I love every word, and they're ask true! Thanks for the reminder.


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