Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Name That Band!

First and foremost, I'm starting a new feature on Mondays. Sometimes it'll be more in depth than others, so please stop by and check it out (Hint: ManCandy).

Anyway, the heroine of Badlands 2 is being obstinate about telling me her tale, so I took a short break to work on (appropriately enough) a short story. It's going pretty well, but the hero is a member of a rock band and I need to give the band a name. Bantering around on FB and Twitter has gotten me several suggestions, but I can't decide. So, I decided to have a nice little poll here. I'm going to list the options that I liked for the band name, and I want you to vote on your favorite. Easy-peasy! (If it helps, think of the band as kind of Shinedown-like in nature. If you don't know them, I'll even provide you a video to help give you a feel of the kind of music they play.)

Band name options are:

Poets & Pornstars (Added after 3 votes and Psynde telling me not to skip it :P)
Taboo Coalition
Targets and Taboos (TnT)
Targets and Triggers (TnT)

Just mention your favorite in your comment, and thanks for voting :)


  1. Triggerhappy!!! Triggerhappy! @.@ Sounds hot. (*shrug* It does. XD) Ooh I love Shinedown.

  2. Taboo Coalition, hands down.

  3. Triggerhappy.....of course ;D

  4. Taboo Coalition *whistle*

  5. Triggerhappy sounds cool. [Izzy: My mother voted does that count?]

  6. Triggerhappy

  7. I'd go Poets and Pornstars. Trigger Happy reminds me too much of either Weird Al Yankovic (yes he has a song by that name) or Dom Joly's comedy by the same name.

  8. Defiantly Triggerhappy :)

  9. As of right now...

    1- Poets & Pornstars
    2- Taboo Coalition
    0- Targets and Taboos
    0- Targets and Triggers
    7- Triggerhappy

    Unless something changes by Thursday's post, it looks like we have a pretty clear winner. Thanks for voting and if you don't like the outcome, get more people here to vote ;-)


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