Monday, April 25, 2011

What the Hell Is a Manwhore?

If you follow myself or my fantastic crit partner Katee Robert on Twitter, you'll have seen us mention how we're really the same person...just separated by most of the country and about fourteen years. Recently, you'll also have seen us tweeting about something we're calling Seleste and Katee's School for Manwhores. This new project came about after several discussions about men we know who have earned the title Manwhore but don't necessarily know how to be good at it. Posts here for the school are likely to be laden with profanity and innuendo (I can't say the same for Katee's blog, but if it's the case there too, I'm sure she'll let you all know herself ;) ). If you don't like profanity or innuendo, I strongly suggest you skip my every-other-week Monday posts and go poke around here instead.

For those of you who stuck around, without further ado, I give you Seleste and Katee's School for Manwhores.

Lesson #1: What is a Manwhore?

To the uninitiated, the word manwhore looks like an insult. It seems like the kind of thing a woman would say with a sneer on her face and venom on her lips. This, however, is not the case. Sure, like any other word, some women could attempt to turn it into a slur, but a true manwhore will simply laugh them off because they love who they are and aren't afraid to show it.

Simply put, a manwhore is a man who loves sex, flirtation and the chase. He might love it more than he loves breathing, and this love most likely has gotten him in trouble a time or two.

"But, Seleste, all men love sex." (I can hear you saying this to me right now. Really. It's getting kind of loud in here.)

I can't say all, but yes, most men love sex. For a manwhore it's different though. For them, it's like food, or water, or (as I mentioned) air. Without it, they wither into something less than what they are. They understand this about themselves and embrace it. They tend to be very confident and fairly alpha in their demeanor. They are the men who walk into a room and own it without even trying. Most of the manwhores I know have wicked senses of humor and sharp tongues--they are often fans of snark.

Those are the most common signs of a manwhore. Beyond that, if you aren't used to seeing them, they can be rather hard to spot. Part of the reason for this is anyone can be a manwhore. Old, young, skinny, fit, hefty, single, divorced, dating, married...none of their other "definers" matter. Well, okay, it is impossible for a woman (who is not transgender) to be a manwhore (more on this in later weeks). What this means though is everyone out there probably knows a manwhore (likely more than one), you just might not know that you do.

After reading all this, some of you are probably wondering precisely why I said "manwhore" isn't an insult. The reason for that is simple. A manwhore owns his title. While he may not admit to it in certain circles, that's only because he's smart enough to know it wouldn't go over well. He's not ashamed of it--at all.

I'm the type of person who respects people who are real--no facades to hide behind, no glamours to see through. Because of that, I have a certain respect for manwhores, especially those who do it right. Which brings us right back to the reason for the school. Plus, for those of you who aren't fans of the manwhore, you might learn enough to avoid them ;-)

So, how many of you will own up to it? How many manwhores do you know? Are you one yourself?

Next week, we'll be at Katee's place. I do hope you'll stop by there as well.

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