Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Teases: Deanna Wadsworth

I had so much fun doing the last live interview, when it came time to interview my friend Deanna Wadsworth I just had to do it again. Here is the blurb on her debut novella Red Riding Hood:

You never know what might happen on the way to Grandmother's house!

Red was a simple girl until Grandmother gave her a red riding cloak. She felt especially pretty in her new cloak, but the temptation to feel all that luxurious velvet pressed to her naked flesh was just too great. Now, something has awakened inside Red. A persistent ache that she doesn't know quite how to relieve. Red decides to use her Tuesday walks to dear old Grandmother's as an opportunity to sample all of the delights the local men have to offer, in a journey to find the one man that can satisfy her.

But Red is not aware that two magical creatures have taken a special interest in her naughty escapades or that true pleasure just might be found at the hand of a master in wolf's clothing!

Me Sounds positively sinful. Are you ready for this, Deanna?

Deanna I'm ready! Got a drink in my hand and raring to go!

Me Great! I need a drink, but I'll have to live vicariously this time. Fabulous to have you here live. Why don't you start off by telling my readers a little bit about your path to publication with Red Riding Hood?

Deanna OMG...well it all started with Manhattans! No lie! I was at the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention in Columbus, OH this May and either at the Fairy ball of Vampire Ball...can't remember which, damn whiskey...and I met this awesome chick Heather Bennett. We had a great time dancing with all the Mr. Romance hunks. You remember that party! I gave you fang marks on your hoo-has!!! LOL...fake tattoos actually. Applied with beer? I think that was how it went....you can feel free to edit me! Ha! Must have been the Vampire Ball then... anywho, and a week later Heather emailed me and asked me if I had any short stories I was shopping around because she and Samantha Gail were launching Decadent Publishing in the fall. So I sent off a silly fairy tale erotica I wrote for fun and they loved it. The rest, shall we say, is easily forgotten history for everyone but a very excited me!

Me It was indeed the vampire ball then. I have pictures of those fang marks. A reviewer on Amazon said you'd "invented a new subgenre - comedic erotica". Did you set out to write something that unique or did it just happen to be both erotic and funny?

Deanna I have a perverted mind...can't help it. I read my first Fabio-on-the-cover-bodice-ripper in 6th grade. Checked it out at the middle school library, no lie. That evil old librarian must've been a closet nympho and used the school to order her fix. My version of the old fairly tale started when I read the original Red Riding Hood. My mind just went bonkers...too many Mel Brooks movies, no doubt. I don't know if the story is an outright comedy but any book where some boy calls his weenus a 'pleasure stick' in order to seduce the heroine has got to be funny.

Me LOL and that right there is why I like you so much. Now, I happen to know that you also write other types of romances. Any chance we might see one of those coming from you any time soon? *bats eyelashes innocently*

Deanna Well.... I have been shopping around an m/m. It's gotten really positive reviews from my beta readers and critique partners so I'm hopeful. Also I'm finishing my next erotic fairy tale 'The Frog Prince.' It's a m/f/m, another naughty comedy twist on the Grimm Brother's innocent stories.

Me You've got to be the first person I've ever heard refer to the Grimm Brothers' stories as innocent. But darn you, you already answered my next question, so I'm scrambling here. Um... Okay, we'll just go fun. If you could be the heroine in any fairy tale, which would you choose and why? Feel free to use the traditional fairy tale or where your brain would take you with it

Deanna Hmmm, now you're making things hard...oops accidental double entendre! Ha!

Me That's okay, I like things hard ;-)

Deanna Disney: Ariel, I always wanted to be a mermaid. Pretend: The princess in The Frog Prince, she gets a hot dark rich prince and his brawny blond footman as her playthings for the rest of her life. Reality: I am living a fairy tale!<<gag>> I know, right? But my hubby of 14 years is my motorcycle riding prince charming...so I guess i'll keep my life!

Me Haha I am gagging a little, but that also made me think of a song I should send you a link to  Okay, you can't pick your husband for this: cast the role of Prince Charming (and his footman if you want)

Deanna He might not like that!

Me Haha. We won't tell him

Deanna I sure hope you hit spell check on this interview or are we going naked and real?

Me I can do spell check because as much as I love you, I'm not getting naked for you

Deanna Damn! I was hopin'!

Me haha flattery will get you everywhere EXCEPT out of answering the question

Deanna Darn!

BTW I can't spell worth a darn but I DID mean weenus...that's what we call our weiner dog as a nickname. Her real name is Weiner Dog

Me hehe I figured you meant to spell it that way *taps foot impatiently*

Deanna I think I messed up and missed the question...you know I suck at this IM stuff! Did you ask me something? LOL

Me LOL Yes, casting the roles of Prince Charming (and the footman if you wish). You just can't pick your husband.

Deanna OH! Hugh Jackman is the prince! No hesitation! And crap I cant think of an exact man for the footman...maybe an early Indiana Jones mixed with the hot dude in the LLBean catalog with a pro wrestler's body and Eric from True Blood...can we make him like the nerds did in Weird Science?

Me I'm good with that, but honestly, I'm still thinking about Hugh Jackman. Yummy.

Deanna I LOOOOOVE Hugh Jackman! Sham-Wow, baby! The first time I saw X-Men I whispered to my sissy-in-law that he was the hottest man I had ever seen in all my life. She looked at me like a cow looking at a new gate but I was hooked. That being said...a lot of my heroes look like Hugh. I usually have someone in mind when I start writing. However as I continue to write the story, each character manages to separate themselves from my earlier first impressions. It's like they're saying to me, "Oh hell no! I don't look like that chump!"

Me Sham-wow indeed! Your heroes need to get with the program!

I'm thinking it's time for speed round, you ready?

Deanna yes!

Me m/m or m/f/m?

Deanna m/m

Me All-american or exotic?

Deanna I'm assuming you mean my kinda man...since I'm married to a red headed hillbilly I;m going All American

Me Sweet and innocent or arrogant and experienced?

Deanna arrogant and experienced, I have a penchant for assholes. But corruption does have an appeal.

Me Leather or lace (for yourself)?

Deanna lace

Me Finish this sentence: a weenus in the hand is better than...

Deanna than one in the ass

Me Okay, I have one last question. If you could pair up any two heroes from known fiction into a slash fic piece, who would they be?

Deanna Sam and Dean...is there even a choice?

Me Now that you mention it...no

Deanna You know that show's produce Eric Kripke is from my home town

Me Haha were you the one who inspired the episode with the chick who wrote Sam & Dean Slash fic? (because this wouldn't surprise me)

Deanna Hmmm, yes. Oh snap! That is sooo my favorite episode!!!!

Me Is there anything else you'd like to say to my readers?

Deanna I had a ton of fun here and every reader should tell a hundred friends to read your blog...oh yeah! And my book, Red Riding Hood! If they do that they will all have a Republican's money and a Democrat's sex life!

Me Thanks, Deanna! For those of you who want to know more about Deanna, you can visit her at her blog, and her book is available at Decadent Publishing.


  1. Oh my goodness! I forgot I said all that! HA! Thats what I get for agreeing to do IM interviews after I had a few!
    <3 Deanna

  2. LOL You were a hoot that night! Thanks so much for playing along with my shenanigans :)


  3. OMG! Laughing hysterically through the whole thing. Sel, you have the best interviews.

    Deanna, I loved Red Riding Hood, and will definitely keep an eye out for more of your work. Good luck!

  4. LMAO what a fun interview<<< sounds like I should come this Book Lovers convention! :)

  5. WOOOOWWW!!! This is so you, D. LMBO.

    It was a fun night at RT when we met. Be careful, I may be tempted to post that blurry pic of you dancing. And biting that poor Army man. hehe

    Great job, ladies!!

  6. The Frog Prince, I loved that fable. Can't wait to see what you do with it. : )

  7. Great interview!

    I've been busy, busy, busy writing, but after reading the interview I HAVE to go read Red Riding Hood. One of my first dates with the Ur-Goth she went as Red, so I'm fond of the girl in the hood in general. :-)

  8. So glad you all had fun...and to find out Jax (I dont even know who you are but I love to crochet) read my book????? Sooo awesome! I thought only my friends were reading it!
    And Heather don't you dare! I GOTTA PROTECT MY ANNONIMITY! >:(

  9. Great interview! Girl, you are so funny! RT really was a blast!

  10. Super fun interview. Your unique voice and personality shines through your answers, Deanna!!! I felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation between friends at a local coffee shop...or maybe a wine/cocktails bar (given the subject matter.) Good job, both of you!

  11. more like BV 7's...too late at night for coffee!


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